Adsense is it hoax

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

adsense is hoax

I personally have experienced that adsense a very big hoax as well as a threat , i dont know from where the money is getting generated , I mean just when you search the internet you will be listed tens and thousands of postings promising to teach you how to cheat adsense , that itself will tell you for example how popular is it is a notion that adsense is something that can very easily be misused , there is nt much to adsense except for the media hype

so what makes adsense so attractive to people .. well that must be easy to guess .. easy money ofcourse . not every one wants to do somthing worthwhile for their money , i think that google has been very successful in fooling people into believe that it is indeed successful business model to have people use ads in webpages to do some real and fruitful business for them , i think it should go bust any time soon . Virtually everyone who is any one having some basic understanding on internet wants to make money of the internet . there is no big future in the internet , the way things are going , our market got so very complicated that we are not producing anything of value

There is a gradual phenomenon of a decrease in production of valuable and worthy resources , that is why we are facing an acute food shortage , we are moving away from our basic needs . Being a very socially advanced animals .. we dont even have the basic foresights to see our own doom fueled by our insipid shortsighted devlopment !

I have two words for anyone interested in making money of adsense .. grow up and get a job .. if not plant some trees ,.. farm Lets make money making something that is of value .. not cheat people of their valuable efforts