Dragger Life

Monday, June 30, 2008

Pulling of with ease ! Phew
Many a days i been left with life staring at me like an uninvited guest in party ! I was not exactly the kind of person who would die to find out the meaning of life . But its been very long since i started to wonder why life was so difficult for very normal people . like being pushed from in all directions and pulled from within for all my forward movements .. life was turning out to be a big chaos !

Was intelligence my original curse . Pain is the biggest enemy . But pain has been the evolutionary tool without which we could have no fear of moving towards self destruction and danger .Life have become infinitely complicated for those living with intelligence and understanding ! or has it . i dont think anyone is caring about the end of the world . Its their own ass that everyone is caring ultimately about . Its not how world is facing acute shortage of food and resources .But how we could benefit from an already underresourced condition of the world

Politicians .. the original sin of humanity is appointing persons to take charge of their life and destiny .. and perhaps the direction of future humanity ! Democracy has failed to salvage the human race from a self inflicted path of destruction and decay . How trained was a politician in making decisions which would affect lives of millions.Even for making decisions to save the health of a single individual , we have designed courses spanning better half of an adult life . But that individual who is supposed to make decisions which is influencing the fate of humanity is totally judged by number . How stupid are we the people in choosing hopeless morons to electoral office !

Politics is a choice between bad and the worse ..Having said that ...the bad becomes worse than the worst only for you to realise its already too late . Today i heard that diesel was not available and what was available was being sold for 63 rupees. That is more than anything life is becoming so unbearable for millions of people who are dependant on the fossil fuels . Farmers commiting suicide are a direct result of our blind path towards .. possibly nowhere .

I have spend lions share of my morning hours in reading what i could in newspapers .watching and analysing news ..and reading news analysis. I just could not understand what was happening with my country . Was i taken for a ride by media ! How informed were the media about what was happening to my country . Media is so informative about what is happening .. they have all the point of views . They are such experts in giving definitive opinions . Why cant those who rule be as intelligent atleast to understand those who merely report these events to a clueless public .

Corruption have come to be accepted as a basic fact of life for millions of indians here in INdia ! Even for anyone to do ..his ..her duty .. we need to give money unofficially with such humble obediance that i almost feel like a powerless dog everytime i approach a goverment official . It was almost impossible to be obervant towards all the rules and regulations . It seem designed for Utopia ..which india Never was .never will be and Is right now ..never ..

I have seen movies with protogonist punishing the villians with death for accepting bribes and to a certain extent almost all of them were huge box office hits failing my understanding to grasp the reality of the situation . People were so helpless. They could just not act as individuals endowed with freedom to act ... with individuality and originality ! They are just being reduced to the level of mechanical contrceptions . Working 24 hrs a day ..even in their sleep . they must have forgotten that they were living and breathing ..as humans..as intelligent potential capable of comprehension

Paranoia . .. death destruction and decay ! these words describe what media wants us to believe . This world at the current pace just could not sustain itself much longer . I was going to witness the death of a civilization .. with much pain..agony and utter disbelief !