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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My place that is what it is .The geographic location in earth where i grew up into what i was. It was more than just a place in the map ( although i really found it very hard to ever find it in any map ,I wondered if this was listed in any significant maps-May be one of uncharted panchayats of India)

I believe that Gandhi said that Villages were the soul of India , India was so full of villages , everywhere you go it was just villages . I wondered what a village was ,I was told that my home town , Kottarakara was a village ! When i was a child i was told that places employing bullock carts were definetly villages . So a bullock was causing my homtown to be marred of the status of City .

City was something alien to me at that time . The biggest city which i have seen that time was Trivandrum .Trivandrum was the capital of kerala . I still have trouble understanding the reason why they must have made that city the capital . That place hardly resembles anything modern . to me now .. i think trivandrum just makes me think of it as a very big village if anything .

But Kottarakara was totally different . Eventhough it was very worst than even Trivandrum in terms of infrastructure devlopment , i still had thought of Kottarakara with highest regards .May be it has all to do with the very modern looking individuals and what they must have made me think ! LOL .. but what really makes it modern are the kottarakara girls !! Muslim girls muslim girls..the hindu girls hindu girls.. and the christian girls christian girls .. i am not saying that i believe in religion at all . i am a strict agnostic . For me religions is your very breath .not something you label yourself with , what i am trying to communicate here is that girls from each community had a thread of common traits which really set the apart from each other . I always had a special crush on muslim girls . They seemed so mysterious . I think mystery is the sacred . If it was not for a feeling of mystery i think peotry would have been long dead . Man must feel mysterious about any and everything !

So what made my Kottarakara so special except for these Individuals . May be the railwaystation . Yeah the railwaystation ! WOW what a bloody wonderful place , The place where i learnt to inhale fumes of tobacco , the place where i was introduced to the sacred sect of porn watchers .. the place which was so surrounded by vegetations that it was always in twilight even at the peak of a summer afternoon . I really wished to spend some time there with someone i loved..the trouble always being to find her being able to swallow my looks !

Oh how can i miss the bustand ! our main bird santuary . The central station which was a hub for all international love trafficking . i have seen birth and death of so many love stories in that bustation . It was not exactly a very neat place .Infact it was even scary after night . but it was a place which people landed so inevitably due to their everyday needs to travel to place of work .study .. It was beautiful (i m not sure if all the girls would say the same)

Did i miss something .. aah .. our own venugopal theatre .. It was a place which was an exclusive premeire for all international movies . But speciality being movies featuring actors and mainly actresses in a compromising situation ! yeah porn man porn ! i was so scared to go to the theatre for the first time .. so often did i go to the very gate only to be turned back after seeing someone remotely familiar. it was hell man .. i mean my father was a businessman . and literally he was very famous guy .. so i found it so hard and exciting to be able to see a show without having this discussed as a hot topic the next day . And more out of frustration i am sure , i just went inside one day .. after the show had started .. it was a french movie . and extremely artistic i must admit !! phew.. talk about nostalgia !! he he !

And the bars were always really cheap . I am not saying that they are very cheap but you could buy what little quantity you want and have it in peace of mind in a good ambeince !! and good food too ! .

Having said all this .. there are a few things that i really dont like very much about kottarakara ! first .. snobbish people !!

Second .. Parents of very attractive girls and their animosity with me

and thirds and final .. the KOTTARAKARA POLICE DEPARTMENT (very ugly )