A Vote for Mohanlal as the President of India

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mohanlal is one of the most amazing and versatile actor. hailing from the small town of Kottarakara, near Pathanamthitta, Mohanlal is also one of the oldest actor to still romance girls under 16 years. Every year you will seem him shamelessly womanizing hardly teenaged nubile s. And Kerala being Kerala, The land of coconut heads, Love cherish and celebrate Mohanlal. The guys was extraordinarily talented and relatively young, Like around 1297 years ago. But now he is around twenty million years old. Infact he is the oldest actor/ human being alive to still think he is young. Just last year he released one movie called Kollege Kumaran, In which he is supposedly still in college. But I am sure it is just a case of curiously stupid themes Malayali coconut heads are crazy about. Now this fella is even the honorary Let Col of the regional army. What the FC** !! But to be very frank he is quite articulate for a 80 year old guy. He actually knows what he is talking about, Especially when he is talking about Liquor and acting. He actually wants people to believe that what he does is just acting. In his own words he wants people to be convinced that what he does is like magic, Like make believe. Beneath this acting persona of his, He is just an extraordinary person from Kottarakara !! But Indian Army are you listening, What he did was just acting !!! Imagine these dumb nuts are going to protect us from Pakistanis !! Quite frankly speaking I am sure that this is the primary and sole reason why acting, filming , or any other entertainment is strictly banned in Pakistan. God Hail Al queda and strict military rules.

2012 - End of the world ?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Being a CEO was the ultimate nemesis for my personality, Not just for me, I think it will be ultimate death sentence to any real personality. I am being intimidated by this possibility that I might be the next heartless soulless, brainless but always smiling Che-if Executive officer of a company ? Someone like George W Bush . But my only relief was that I have a choice to not be a CEO nor a George W Bush

The current market structure ? it is infinitely and invariable complex for anyone to understand /comprehend or make a theory out of it. The biggest force is that of a Sale. We have all evolved from primates to social beings to intelligent salemen ? We are in one big market. Where everyone is trying to sell everything to everyone else. It is one big bad ugly circus called the Open Market. We forget the basic reality of our selves. We completely ignore the inner well being / reality / spirituality to sell . To just sell any damn thing including the little non existant talent to this world

How else can there be poets ? how can someone sell poetry or prose ? so even the words, the language of the soul is on Sale too.

For the last twelve years of my life, I have been working in a Kerala based IT orgnization. They proudly claim to themselves and those innocent idiots to are unfortunate enough to be born in the land of Kokonuts, that they are the first people to bring Information Technology to Kerala. Ofcourse Information technology was there way before these people were toddlers in the form of Newspaper. But IT slavery was something they just brought. I see this guy smiling all the time. Almost at any time you can see him smiling. I think that somehow all corporates paint a plastic surgery smile on these people whom they call CEO. OFcourse, these unfortunate people have the biggest responsibility of them all ! To sell the justification to employ a couple of thousand employees to their digital masters. They have to smile, Look happy selling their product. Look successful and personally sorted. They have to be a psycological superman, or atleast wear the face of one !!

Almost all our great scientists, Great thinkers, Anyone with any kind of influence on the way our society and philosophies have shaped up, have never had this plastic everlasting eternal smile ( except for the laughing buddha , whose smile was rather a hearty laughter and he was not out there to sell anything ! ! )) Infact I am yet to see one single photo of Jesus christ with a smile !!

We , Human beings at the peak of our abilities in terms of creativity . Instead of being a species of intelligence, realizing the significance of human life in a very fragile and generally unsupportive vaccum that we call Universe. Instead of celebrating each and every form of life. Helping them despite their handicaps to realize a beauty far beyond human comprehension. Celebrating the victory of sanity and consciousness over slumber and non life. We are out here to compete each other and annhilate our competetors in one of the most falseful fake stupid non reality called SALES. Advertisement. Stocks, cars, women , wine and craziness.

Today music is a realization of our social hollowness. The culture of fast beats with lot of profanity and concept of money over anything is a reflection of the aspiration of an ordinary man. A man whose conscience have been hijacked by this need to compete and defeat anything in his way ! There is no fairness, Just competition . I really do wish 2012 was the end of this world as we know it ! !!

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Withered Love - Dailogue

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Today was a strange day. Like every other day, But not like Yesterday. or the day before yesterday. I met her in the boulevards of my past. Could not remember the day, But it was not today. Today was a plain sight of sound and smell. Reality . .

It was twelve years, since I last heard from her. It was unbelievable. We often wish we could have all the experience , all the courage and wisdom we had today, to face our reality yesterday. Yes we all look back at time and feel embarrassed about things that we did , things that we did nt do, And things that we wished did. What we can do can change the face of reality, that of today forever. We could have become anything , with anyone. But we are not that wise are we. We are a growth, organic and inorganic growth. Infinite and reasonless growth. Negative and positive growth. Our growth is absolute and relative. Our growth is a journey from pointlessness to pointlessness. But we grow, Apart, and together we grow. We need to grow

But yesterday was a day I spent with her. Memories. Ha beautiful . Why do we forget. Moment eternal to us. Why do we not rhyme when we talk today

I those twelve years reality had really changed for us. She had become a mother. Someone who gave a part of her mind body soul and uterus to give birth to twelve young children, one for each year that we were away. Yet She never bothered to care about looking at a part of her that she gave birth in my heart. She was not a single woman, She was the window of womanhood. Feminine thinking, The delicacy and carelessness of a dainty. Intelligence without pretense. It was a casual day in her life

Today is that of great utility to us. Of great importance and seriousness. Yesterday with She...It was never serious. It was past and it was memories. It looks eternal..But how can you forget us my love. ! ? It was not promises, but your kisses, that I miss mostly about yesterday. No I did nt want to hold you inside the prison of love. Rather liberate the free in Us .. The freedom in us. I wanted to see, To kiss and cherish. No oh no .. Not again the promises. How can I promise you yesterday. I am not Jesus to bring back the dead

There was a big difference with right and left side of our thoughts. She was on a continent right and I was somewhere left.  We wrote to each other through bridges of poems and reality. Prose and imagination.

I am just a dead zombie with memories which are living dead, Eternally haunted by yesterday , romance, poem and rhyme. But I rhyme without music. There is sadness in my notes.Because and Only because my darling , It is today. A day which lost all the virginity to memories and longings.A day which is raped by the constant reminiscence of promises of Yesterday. When you were young , your skin against mine. It was not meaningless, neither was it explicit. Today .. It killed yesterday. 

It is very hard to reconcile with what we see around us. We are in a mad rush to fulfill our mechanical utility and functionalisms. We need to grow into our shoes. That ancient primitive bacterial urge to fulfill our genetic nemesis. That to give our body soul mind creative love to our DNA. To be home and host for Darwin. Where Jesus and Krishna were men, Mad men in love. Like me ! my love for you

I killed yesterday , But not me . The person in me who keep track of time, measures the wetness of our kisses, and eternity of time. I wait for you , Here today. Hope you can forgive. Hope you can bear the children of gods, Yes you do when you smile 

I was glad that no one really understood what I was trying to tell. Because something which is told will become digested, and defecated... and understood .. comprehended ..and judged !!