A Vote for Mohanlal as the President of India

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mohanlal is one of the most amazing and versatile actor. hailing from the small town of Kottarakara, near Pathanamthitta, Mohanlal is also one of the oldest actor to still romance girls under 16 years. Every year you will seem him shamelessly womanizing hardly teenaged nubile s. And Kerala being Kerala, The land of coconut heads, Love cherish and celebrate Mohanlal. The guys was extraordinarily talented and relatively young, Like around 1297 years ago. But now he is around twenty million years old. Infact he is the oldest actor/ human being alive to still think he is young. Just last year he released one movie called Kollege Kumaran, In which he is supposedly still in college. But I am sure it is just a case of curiously stupid themes Malayali coconut heads are crazy about. Now this fella is even the honorary Let Col of the regional army. What the FC** !! But to be very frank he is quite articulate for a 80 year old guy. He actually knows what he is talking about, Especially when he is talking about Liquor and acting. He actually wants people to believe that what he does is just acting. In his own words he wants people to be convinced that what he does is like magic, Like make believe. Beneath this acting persona of his, He is just an extraordinary person from Kottarakara !! But Indian Army are you listening, What he did was just acting !!! Imagine these dumb nuts are going to protect us from Pakistanis !! Quite frankly speaking I am sure that this is the primary and sole reason why acting, filming , or any other entertainment is strictly banned in Pakistan. God Hail Al queda and strict military rules.