Valentines day - the day for love, two wheeler, Wife, fights, gifts and contemplation

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Everything in life is two, There is always something which compliments the other. The day needs a night, Good needs  evil. God needs the Devil,  A man needs a woman, ying needs a yang. The river needs two sides. Fire and water. Sometimes it is the opposites which compliment each other. It always have to be the opposites which compliment each other. If it was parallels, it would never meet. They would never fight, but they would never meet too.

I never really understood the concept of love. Love was in all logical conclusion like appendicitis . Some useless glorified feeling which inspired people to sing songs and celebrate. For me love was the love that I had seen in local Malayalam and Tamil movies. There was always a Hero(the male), Then there is a Heroine (the female ) . Lot of confusion in the beginning, some animosity, some resistance to the Hero s advance. Then inevitably they fall in love. Then enter the Villain. The 70s cinema was incomplete without a scene where the Villain tries to rape the heroine and the hero comes and saves her just in the nick of time. Then there is rain songs and item numbers. There was all forms of love. Some songs had meaning too deep and too beautiful for the lighthearted villain hero fight filled senseless movies. Although  did not understand love, I understood this much that I would one day fall in love, In fact I thought that was the mission of one's life. To fall in love. Then to ride a bike, Two wheeler and love songs

Little did I know that all these feelings were somehow the physical, biological, emotional, intellectual manifestation of natures wish to see itself reproduce, mutate and may be evolve. Evolution was the primary motives behind the numerous lives, Human lives, numerous stories. I am not sure we humans are doing this better and more sustainable than bacteria. We got so much lost in our thoughts and imaginations and fascinations that I think we are loosing the plot. That we are just mere instruments in the hands of evolution

Instruments we were, But it seldom fails to explain the magnitude and quality of feelings in any relative terms. Sometimes feelings so overwhelm that we fail to rationalize the objective significance of these feelings in any quantitative terms. The world of logic, the world of science/technology/mathematics/proof/theorem all ceased to exist when I saw her. It just so happens everytime, every single time a guy meets the girl. It sometimes lasts for 3 milli second. When it survives the 3 milli seconds, it is then that the fragrance of love transpires the realm of impulses into the realm of imagination..into the realm of poetry and prose.

For me this survived, This feeling survived almost 3 years. Everyday the clouds of fighting, the clouds of mutually agreed upon differences hide the intensity of the feeling that we have for each other. But after each cloud was a sunshine and rainfall. Then there is sleep and peace. Flowers blossom and it is time for Valentines day . To celebrate the differences as well as similarities. To celebrate the growth of fondness despite the difference and in spite of the similarities 

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Aadhar - A costly IT blunder !

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

If there was any country with true democracy it must have got to be India. As with any other system , Even the worlds biggest democracy is only as good as the least moral politician/administrator. India is also known throughout the ages for spiritual democracy as well. Never have the world witnessed a country with such diverse believes and culture. There were so many million ways in which you could attain the ultimate state of being human. They even invented the original name for the sacred experience . Nirvana. The only way you can explain it is to call it unexplainable. Such was the the rich cultural heritage that we even identified the real nature of our selves. That we are not merely the labels. We are not the name , we are not the labels that we are known with , that we are not defined even by what we do. Such is our cultural heritage that we are even large hearted enough to let grow such retarded and stunted people to govern us. India the land of a million and one culturally vibrant and originally creative ingenuity now needs so many ways to identify yourself to the government

Who am I ? 

The never ending question of ones identity. It is almost impossible to objectively identify your identity to some definition. It keeps changing and evolving. but for all convenience and governance, government need to issue me an Identity card. To identify to even myself that I am a real person, that my name is so and so ! So complicated is this identification process that even a letter changed would make me a different person altogether. So in India just like any other country, the biggest and most original asset is actually your own identity in the form of cards. The real person is not important, his name and identity card is more important. Today I cant answer about my identity simply with just one identity card, Each day government needs new identity card. Earlier a ration card would be enough. Today I need ration card, My Voter id card, Passport , Driving license. The list is endless. Now there is one more Aadhar

What is Aadhar card 

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), is an agency of the Government of India responsible for implementing the AADHAAR scheme, a unique identification project. The agency, which enjoys no legal backing,was established in February 2009, and will own and operate the Unique Identification Number database. The authority aims to provide a unique id number to all Indians, but not smart cards. The authority will maintain a database of residents containing biometric and other data.
The agency is headed by a chairman, who holds a cabinet rank. The UIDAI is part of the Planning Commission of India. Nandan Nilekani, former co-chairman of Infosys Technologies, was appointed as the first Chairman of the authority in June 2009. Vijay S Madan, an IAS Officer, joined as the Director General and Mission Director of the Unique Identification Authority of India on 1 April 2013 . He replaced Ram Sewak Sharma, who has moved to Jharkhand as the chief secretary of the state

Aadhaar is a 12-digit supposedly unique number which the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will issue for all residents. The number will be stored in a centralized database and linked to the basic demographics and bio metric information – photograph, ten fingerprints and iris – of each individual.[9] The Aadhaar data collection programme is the largest biometric data collection programme in the world without any data protection law or data protection authority to provide any privacy safeguards.[10] Rattled by the Supreme Court ruling on Aadhaar, the Government of India is looking for statutory cover for the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which has been operating through an executive order for the past four years after the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance had termed the executive decision “unethical and violative of Parliament prerogatives” in December 2011. The Ministry of Planning had also shockingly admitted to the parliamentary panel that no committee had been constituted to study the financial implications of the Unique Identification Authority(UID) scheme and it was given a go-ahead without a detailed project report.[11] The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has also slammed the Aadhar and said it is not credible proof of residence. The security establishment was severely critical of the UIDAI’s introducer system where anyone with an Aadhaar number can introduce others without any documentation to get the identity number. This means that a person can introduce someone, say a terrorist, with a fake name and address.

India is only the second largest population in the world, With China's strict and aggressive family planning I assume India will soon have a human resource tragedy. So many of them being born every single day without even thinking about the future of our country. India is not the India shining as it was projected by so many previous and current governments, India is poverty, ignorance and illiteracy for most of the part. Aadhar card is a very costly excercise with no direct and evident benefit apart from taking a census of  potential votebank.

It is nothing but a costly political data analysis. Sort of big data approach to democracy. May be political corporations found out big machines to analyze the data you will get with Biometric analysis and formulate election strategies. Before your laugh it off, just remember that Indians are sizeable force in information technology. and with very huge IT companies and large talent pool in India, It just about might be a possibility.

Ideally we must just have one single identity card. I already have a passport, I have a drivers license, even ration card and certificates of education too. Still Government asks me to take Aadhar card. But this aadhar card is so flawed in process of identifying a person also. There is no verification process. Simply taking the iris , finger prints thats all. Just to think that private agencies have been outsourced proves how fundementally flawed and inadequate this system is

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Andra Pradesh - State of division

Monday, October 7, 2013

Andrapradesh. It is one of the largest state in South India. It was in news in the mid 90s mainly because of the IT boom. Satyam computers. There was one point of time when almost 80 percent of IT workforce were from this State. It was one of the very few states in South India which had a little respect for people who work in the IT field. Out of my 10 friends who were also my colleagues, almost 6 were from Andra. They almost always invited me to visit Andra and especially Hyderabad. But in my mind Andra and Hyderabad was mostly like a desert. Infinite expanse of vast barren nothingness.

The last time I visited Andra was when I was almost a toddler, to Tirupathi. My parents believed that visiting the lord Venkatachala would bring them luck and lot of money.

Little did I know that I would end up marrying from Hyderabad. Second time I visited Andra was to visit my Fiancee . The whole of Hyderabad airport melted into empty nothingness in front of her beautiful eyes. I could nt see anything else apart from what she was at that day . The city of Nawabs , city of pearls and Tank bund. City where buddha tasted Kebabs and minced meat dishes.

Occupying 650 square kilometres (250 sq mi) along the banks of the Musi River, it has a population of 6.8 million and a metropolitan population of 7.75 million, making it the fourth most populous city and sixth most populous urban agglomeration in India. At an average altitude of 542 metres (1,778 ft), much of Hyderabad is situated on hilly terrain around artificial lakes, including Hussain Sagar—predating the city's founding—north of the city centre. It was a really lovely city, the one in which you can loose your entire life time figuring out the kaleidoscope of colours and cultures. 

It really saddens my heart to see the whole of the Andra divided in opinion regarding the Telangana. Being a blogger seems to be so dangerous. It is at the risk of being deported/executed/persecuted/killed that you show your opinion online. People are so intolerant towards independent thinking. It looks to me like democracy is dying a slow death or being well orchestrated/masked dictatorship . May be democracy is a licensed and people approved form of corruption. But I still believed in our government, only the people who spoil governance and democracy . A system is only as good as its weakest link, likewise democracy is only as good as the least moral maintainers/administers of it. 

What is Telangana movement ? 

The Telangana movement refers to a group of related political activities organized to support the creation of a new state of Telangana, from the existing state of Andhra Pradesh in South India. The proposed new state corresponds to the Telugu-speaking portions of the erstwhile princely state of Hyderabad. On 30 July 2013, the Congress Working Committee approved recommending a motion for a separate Telangana to the central government‬. The process of Telangana to be the 29th state of India with 10 Districts is expected to be completed in 4–5 months  once the Parliament passes an Act to create Telangana. Hyderabad will be the joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for 10 years

Agitations have started getting peak state. I am not really sure who is right, But dividing a state for political motivation seems to be fatal. It shows the weakness and lack of integrity of the government or misinformed policy makers. I know that many people have lost their lives in the Telangana agitations, Now many will loose their lives in the united Andra. All this is regional chauvism. From my personal experience Andra is one of the most divided state. A sense of alienation is there in each caste . I have even heard of my friends liking movie stars based on their caste. 

May be Andra needs a spiritual social reformer 

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya

Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha,

Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya

Tadatmanam Srijami Aham'.

Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-7)

"Whenever there is decay

of righteousness O! Bharatha

And a rise of unrighteousness

then I manifest Myself!"

Whenever civilization or culture is weakening or is at the worst form of decay, God will descent and help us reform. Kerala was also divided and untouchability was so rampant at one stage of life. So much so that Vivekananda who visited Kerala called it a mad house. It took courageous and compassionate Sri Narayana guru years to reform Kerala. Andra is so lost in its tollywood movies , liquor and ignorance that it is high time God came and helped them ! Not just silverscreen God , but a real god ! 

Peace and Prayers !!

Self destruction - Suicide is not the way

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If there is one person whom you can be in touch with for your entire life, Your constant companion, Your friend, Your enemy, Your guide , Your teacher . It has to be yourself. You are not a single person. You are an entire society inside you. There are one thousand two hundred and ninety seven thoughts inside you this very moment. Some thoughts are manifested, some are unmanifested. Some are in their stages of development. Some are very visible and hard to escape. These thoughts make up our action, their reaction. And who we are. The primary driver behind our thoughts just have got to be your desires. Our hopes and dreams

It was really unbelievable that Jiah Khan is no more. We can never really digest the death of the ones we love.

She has orphaned not only her family , But also lot of her fans like me. I never noticed her for the skin show or glamour. But for the kind of bold roles and acting caliber. Indian cinema rarely seen women as something more than an arm candy for the protagonist male chauvinist. Our Cinema is the reflection of social outlook. Even the so called intelligent thinking film makers, so unwittingly cast dancers in their item numbers. It is true that Cinema is not here to teach people ethics or morality . So successful cinema is reflection of what people really accept 

Is the plight of women so Bad in India ? 

It is not just India, I think world over , Woman are taught to enjoy being seen as an object of sex or desire. Countless TV commercials, intelligent marketing by typecasting women as glamorous, while men as hardworking, swashbuckling adventure seeking leaders. It is very sad indeed to see such a successful woman as Jiah Khan , Who was so young and who had so much years of success ahead of her think about this fatal decision. If a person of her stature is deciding to end all by self destruction, what about ordinary women ? There are people who are struggling for daily bread, who are neck down in debts, who are daily laborers, bonded laborers. While one section of society is mourning the death of a starlet, There is another section who dont see a future beyond today' and tomorrows food. Who are seeing their children with stunt in growth due to lack of nutrition. We call ourselves intelligent beings but still we fail to empathize with our own kins . We glorify the spirit of humanity in films and literature, But fail to see the tears of those around us who deserve this same spirit of humanity. When will woman wake up from the shambles of this shameless characterization. How many times have we seen a struggling male actor commit suicide due to relationship problems, Almost never !! A man can stay a bachelor and they will glorify it . The will call him Swamiji . But Woman is little more than a cow ! that is the way Indian society sees her . As a productive instrument .. As an Object 

Woman feel more ! ? 

Woman can be very emotional. Their emotions can easily overpower their reason and logic. They must be thinking from the right part of their brain. No wonder they are suckers for countless over dramatized TV serials, While men only cares about brainless , emotionless sports and cricket. For women, Emotional gratification and grief can overpower all other equations. So when a relationship breaks, It is usually the end of the world. When will we ever wake up from this emotional time bomb ticking every second , Fueled and glorified by Ekta kapoor and TV serials ? Probably never 

Women and Men are equal. They have the same kind of chemical and neural networking , Only during their growth and personality formation, We so strictly enforce the idea of sex in their head. We uncannily force our image of a male and female onto them. When was the last time you saw a female with short haircut and called it boycut ? Why do we expect woman to look like a woman ? or man to dress like himself ? 

There are endless questions and almost no answers. Unless and until we break free from this sick society, Unless and until we break free from conservative thought process. There will always be personal failures. Sometimes over come , sometimes it can defeat you and take away from this world a wonderfully creative talented personality who had so many healthy , glorious creative talented years ahead of her 

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Smartphone wars reach new high - Samsung Galaxy S4

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

There is not a single generation in the entire history of humanity who would have seen so much of change in their life time. Things change so rapidly that, it is really hard to imagine our past .
I Still remember the time when I was in college. My father used to send me around 2000 ruppees every month. And trust me most of the money would end up being charges to the daily phonecalls. Cell phone was a very big luxury back then . Even they charged for incoming calls. I remember waiting in the queue for that daily morning calls. Every day it used to cost me around 10 bucks minimum just to say hi. It was a major source of income for the small shops which used be around numerous mills. near Erode .

The biggest revolution in mobile telephony was by the Ambanis. They brought the mobile phone telephony to new level . Selling one for less than 500 bucks. Everyone who was anyone bought a Reliance handset. At one time in Salem there was even free Reliance phones being distributed if you shop for more than 2000 Rupees .

I remember seeing the first color display mobile. It was a motorola handset by one of my friend ! People would envy him and flock around him to see color display in a mobile handset. Technology was moving very rapidly indeed. Before I moved out of collage, most of my friends were having decent Camera mobiles.

Android and iPhone

Apple was truly a pioneer in many aspects . Touch screen was nothing new. They were there even before color displays

Experts give their verdict on the latest iPhone killer - and say it could even OUTSELL Apple's handset

  • New device features five-inch 1080p screen that has the ability to react to its owner's eyes
  • Slightly smaller than the Galaxy SIII at 69mm wide, and 7.9mm thick
  • Also features a translator, multipurpose 13 megapixel camera and voice recognition software
  • Experts say handset could be the first to outsell an iPhone

Samsung last night delivered its most threatening answer to the iPhone yet with its latest smart phone complete with a gallery of never-before-seen technology.
In a much-hyped public event, the technology giant introduced the Galaxy S4 with an array of new features, including knowing when the user is looking at the screen.
Experts described the launch as a 'major milestone' for Samsung, and predict the S4 could even outsell the iPhone.
Scroll down for video demo
Swiping technology: Many of the new phone's features react to your finger, whether it's touching the screen or not
Display: People interact with the Samsung Galaxy S4, during the unveiling event at New York's Radio City Music Hall
Versatility: Samsung prides the Galaxy S4 on being a 'life companion' that will 'improve the way most people live every day'
'I believe the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be an important milestone for the Korean company, as it could be the first smartphone to outsell an iPhone,' said Francisco Jeronimo, an analyst with IDC.
'The Samsung Galaxy S4 can be a game changer for Samsung, and I believe for the first time that this device has the potential to outsell the next generation of iPhone - assuming that Apple will incrementally improve the next version of the iPhone.'
The launch event at New York's Radio City Music Hall - which featured a live orchestra, bubbly master of ceremonies and even a tap dance number - was streamed on Samsung's YouTube channel.
The Galaxy S4, which crams a 5-inch 1080p screen into body slightly smaller than the S III's, will go sale globally in the April to June period.
The S4 is 69mm wide, 7.9mm thick, weighs just 130 grams and is encased in polycarbonate.



Slightly thinner than its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 will go on sale next month.
The skinny but durable handset includes such special features as voice-recognition text messaging, translator software that can recognize 9 languages and an incredible touchscreen technology that toggles some features just by waving your finger.
It uses apps like Samsung's WatchOn to bring on-demand video straight to the phone.
The cameras on each side of the S4 can be used in sync with each other, planting the photographer inside the photo he or she is taking. It also has an erase feature.
The phone also utilizes HomeSync, a way to store data on a cloud - and beam a photo across the world to be viewed on the home TV. Speaking of television, the smart phone can double as the remote.
The newest features involve different options for navigation.
If the phone senses someone is looking at the screen, the user can tilt it forward or backwards to scroll up and down a Web page.
That feature falls slightly short of what some consumers may have expected after the New York Times reported that the phone would be able to scroll automatically by tracking readers' eyes.
But what it can do is sense when it has someone's attention.
When a video is playing the stream will automatically pause if the person looks away from the device and it will restart when the eyes come back to the screen.
Texting while driving will be a thing of the past, as the smart phone's voice recognition feature has the capability to dictate, reply, forward and save messages using only verbal commands.
The same voice recognition can be seen in the translator feature, which can understand nine languages.
Samsung has also made efforts to combat the issue of messy fingerprints, with a screen that now senses fingers hovering just above the screen, and applications that react.
The Mail application shows the first few lines of an email when a finger hovers above it in the list, and the Gallery application shows an expanded thumbnail.

Users can control some other applications by making gestures in the air above the phone. 
In the browser, you can command the screen to scroll up by swiping from top to bottom a few inches from the phone.
Pride: JK Shin, Samsung's president and head of IT and mobile communications, shows off the Galaxy S4 in each of its two colors
Pride: JK Shin, Samsung's president and head of IT and mobile communications, shows off the Galaxy S4 in each of its two colors
A new way to browse: The Galaxy S4 has different options for navigation. If the phone senses someone is looking at the screen, the user can tilt it forward or backwards to scroll up and down a Web page
A new way to browse: The Galaxy S4 has different options for navigation. If the phone senses someone is looking at the screen, the user can tilt it forward or backwards to scroll up and down a Web page
Samsung Galaxy S4
Touchless: Samsung has also made efforts to combat the issue of messy fingerprints, with a screen that now senses fingers hovering just above the screen, and applications that react
Giving it a whirl: Guests at Radio City Music hall try out the new Samsung Galaxy S4 after the live unveiling event
Giving it a whirl: Guests at Radio City Music hall try out the new Samsung Galaxy S4 after the live unveiling event
Unveiling: Shin presents the new Samsung Galaxy S4
Unveiling: Shin presents the new Samsung Galaxy S4
Pricing mystery: Samsung did not say what the phone will cost, but it can be expected to start at $200 with a two-year contract in the U.S.
Pricing mystery: Samsung did not say what the phone will cost, but it can be expected to start at $200 with a two-year contract in the U.S.
The Camera application can now use both the front and rear cameras simultaneously, and can insert a picture of the photographer even as he or she is capturing the scene in front of them.
It also has an erase feature, which allows the phone to take several pictures of a subject, then create a composite of the images to remove an unwanted photobomber.


'Perhaps not the out-and-out game changer some were expecting, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is, on first impressions at least, certainly a new dominant force on the Android smartphone scene.'
Luke Johnson, Trusted Reviews

'It's a bit of a shame that Samsung announced the phone without giving a price or release date, but at this point, with Samsung the global sales and innovation leader in smartphones, it can do pretty much whatever it wants.'
Jordan Crook, TechCrunch

'Is it a major step up from the Samsung Galaxy S3? Probably not for many. But there's certainly enough that's new to promote it above being the Samsung Galaxy S3S.'
Rik Henderson, Pocket Lint

'Viewing angles are great, colours pop on the Super AMOLED display, and the bezels on the device have been slimmed to the point where the screen feels even larger and more immersive.'
David Pierce, The Verge
'The company isn't quite at the level where fans will wait in line for the phone, but the Samsung fanboys are starting to grow as vocal - if not more so - than the Apple faithful.
'At this point, the Galaxy S4 is a runaway train, something Samsung couldn't stop even if it tried. The rest of the industry better watch out.'
Roger Cheng, CNet
In the U.S., the S4 will be sold by all four national carriers - Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA - as well as by smaller ones US Cellular and Cricket.
Samsung did not say what the phone will cost, but it can be expected to start at $200 with a two-year contract in the U.S.
JK Shin, the executive in charge of Samsung's mobile communications division, promised the money would be well spent for a 'life companion' that will 'improve the way most people live every day.'

A tale of two smartphones


Versatility: Samsung prides the Galaxy S4 on being a 'life companion' that will 'improve the way most people live every day'
Height: 136.6 mm (5.38 inches)

Width: 69 mm (2.72 inches)

Depth: 7.9 mm (0.31 inches)

Weight: 130 grams (4.59 ounces)

Touchscreen: 5in

Pixel density: 441 per inch

Display: 1920-by-1080 pixels

Network speeds: 3G and 4G LTE Lite

Camera: 13 megapixel in back-facing camera, 2 megapixel in front-facing
Voice recognition: Can translate nine languages and utilizes voice-activated tools that can dictate, reply, forward or save text messages
Built-in apps: Video chat; internet browser; Gmail; Google Talk, Google Play Store; infrared LED; Google Maps; YouTube

Processor: 1.9GHz quad-core processor or 1.6GHz octa-core processor

Internal memory: 16GB; 32GB; or 64GB

Other memory: Data stored in Samsung's HomeSync - a household cloud service

Battery: 2,600 mAh

Operating system: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean


Height: 123.8 mm (4.87 inches)

Width: 58.6 mm (2.31 inches)

Depth: 7.6 mm (0.3 inches)

Weight: 112 grams (3.95 ounces)

Touchscreen: 4in

Pixel density: 326 per inch

Display: 1136x640 pixels

Network speeds: 3G and mobile 4G

Camera: 8 megapixel in back-facing camera 1.2 in front-facing
Voice recognition: Siri upgraded to allow spoken recommendations for films or restaurants. Possible to update Facebook status by voice command
Built-in apps: FaceTime; video editing; Safari internet browser; email; Apple maps; no YouTube as standard

Processor: A6 chip said to be twice as quick as A5.

Internal memory: 16GB; 32GB; or 64GB

Other memory: Purchases stored in Apple’s iCloud servers

Battery: 1,400 mAh

Operating system: Apple iOS 6
Smart: The screen reacts to movement, and a video will automatically pause if you're not looking at the phone
Smart: The screen reacts to movement, and a video will automatically pause if you're not looking at the phone
Advancement: Presenting the phone on Thursday, Mr Shin said the device will serve as a life companion to help its owner lead 'a richer and simpler life'
Advancement: Presenting the phone on Thursday, Mr Shin said the device will serve as a life companion to help its owner lead 'a richer and simpler life'
That bold promise set the tone for the kind of flashy presentation associated with the showmanship of Apple, the company that Samsung has been trying to upstage.
Apple contends Samsung has been trying to do it by stealing its ideas - an allegation has triggered bitter courtroom battles around the world.
In the last two years, Samsung has emerged as Apple's main competitor in the high-end smartphone market.
At the same time, it has sold enough inexpensive low-end phones to edge out Nokia Corp. as the world's largest maker of phones.
The Galaxy line has been Samsung's chief weapon in the smartphone fight, and it has succeeded in making it a recognizable brand while competitors like Taiwan's HTC Corp. and Korean rival LG have stumbled.
Samsung has sold 100 million Galaxy S phones since they first came out in 2010.
That's still well below the 268 million iPhones Apple has sold in the same period, but Samsung's sales rate is catching up.
Superiority? The new Galaxy S4 offers a touchless interface and various security and visual upgrades
Superiority? The new Galaxy S4 offers a touchless interface and various security and visual upgrades
Research firm Strategy Analytics said the Galaxy SIII overtook Apple's iPhone 4S as the world's best-selling smartphone for the first time in the third quarter of last year, as Apple fans were holding off for the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 took back the crown in the fourth quarter.
One way Samsung and other makers of Android phone have been one-upping Apple is by increasing the screen size.
Every successive generation of the Galaxy line has been bigger than the one before.
The SIII sported a screen that measures 4.8 inches on the diagonal, already substantially larger than the iPhone 5's 4-inch screen. The S4's screen is 56 per cent larger than the iPhone's.
In a Wednesday interview, Apple Phil Schiller declined to discuss whether Apple is considering enlarging the screen on the next model of the iPhone, which is expected to be released later this year.
He said Apple remains confident that the iPhone 5 is the most useful and elegant smartphone available, hailing it as 'the most beautiful consumer electronics device ever created.'
Samsung believes the S4 will set the new standard.
Apart from the larger screen and upgraded processor, the S4 has a battery that's 20 per cent larger than that of the SIII.
Samsung didn't say if that translates into a longer battery life - the added capacity might be gobbled up by the bigger screen or other internal changes.
The S4 comes with a built-in infra-red diode, so it can control an entertainment center as a universal remote. This is a feature that has showed up in Android tablets before.
When several S4s are in close proximity, they can link up to play the same music, simultaneously - perfect for headphone dance parties

Posting a love letter - A little too late

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Love that is forever, Is nt that plastic, That which is eternal, is nt that lifeless. Love can only be an affinity , A polarity , an extremely spontaneous mysterious illogical helplessness. Sudden unexplainable phenomenon. Where you are left wanting, Where you are left longing, praying almost. You know you are right in your yearning . You have all the rights to yearn. You really are not sure what you are yearning for. That object of your love is very questionable. It is always questionable... It is definitely not worth that yearning.

Nothing is worth it . no not even god is worth this yearning. It is definitely not human. For no human is worth this helpless helplessness.

I can only love something or someone. Love is there , It needs someone to objectify it. I am not god to contain this love. It used to bring a lot of pain. To hold this love. NO pain is not the word. It was almost death itself. An emotional manifest of death itself. The very end of your being. The gasp for breath when your body run out of oxygen. Your mind no longer wants to live. But I am thankful that now it is not painful. I am rather enjoying this love which is generally undirected, uncontainable. Sometimes it comes out as poems, Sometimes prose. . . May be someday I might be able to enjoy this love without writing or singing. But now I have to write this

It is not that I think about you all the time. It is not that your thoughts are all that is filling my mind ( or heart or soul ). I am ordinary man most of the day, with ordinary worries. About petrol, About global warming. About existence of earth in another fifty years.

I measured it. It is as long as a flash of lightening. But that flash takes me to an eternal time warp. I am caught transcending reality and dream, into a world of my own. Where the entire universe exists just for us. We evolved just so that I can see your skin and you, my bones.

So that I can experience this helplessness of being away from you.

So that I can be thankful for this great sacred un-bridgeable gap between us.

I never gave her a love letter, when she was living just 1.297 kilometers from my home. When we were living in the same town, studying same schools. But alaas we were only in our sixth and seventh years of our existence. Me and her respectively. When I first read about love, When I first heard poems and dances of love. I knew that the feeling that I had, I regretted being born naive. Why I did not recognize and celebrate love when I was sitting right next to her, Shielded by our innocence.

It is appalling that man needs a reason for his existence, To justify the fact that he is living. I gave up finding reasons for our love. I stopped rationalizing the signs universe gave us. I knew that love was not an emotional byproduct of biology nor an biological byproduct of an emotion. It was just was . Being for its own sake

I learnt to live with my flash of lightening , With pain and love . I understood why people live with their religions, despite contradictions in reason. I understood

A Vote for Mohanlal as the President of India

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mohanlal is one of the most amazing and versatile actor. hailing from the small town of Kottarakara, near Pathanamthitta, Mohanlal is also one of the oldest actor to still romance girls under 16 years. Every year you will seem him shamelessly womanizing hardly teenaged nubile s. And Kerala being Kerala, The land of coconut heads, Love cherish and celebrate Mohanlal. The guys was extraordinarily talented and relatively young, Like around 1297 years ago. But now he is around twenty million years old. Infact he is the oldest actor/ human being alive to still think he is young. Just last year he released one movie called Kollege Kumaran, In which he is supposedly still in college. But I am sure it is just a case of curiously stupid themes Malayali coconut heads are crazy about. Now this fella is even the honorary Let Col of the regional army. What the FC** !! But to be very frank he is quite articulate for a 80 year old guy. He actually knows what he is talking about, Especially when he is talking about Liquor and acting. He actually wants people to believe that what he does is just acting. In his own words he wants people to be convinced that what he does is like magic, Like make believe. Beneath this acting persona of his, He is just an extraordinary person from Kottarakara !! But Indian Army are you listening, What he did was just acting !!! Imagine these dumb nuts are going to protect us from Pakistanis !! Quite frankly speaking I am sure that this is the primary and sole reason why acting, filming , or any other entertainment is strictly banned in Pakistan. God Hail Al queda and strict military rules.