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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Everything in life is two, There is always something which compliments the other. The day needs a night, Good needs  evil. God needs the Devil,  A man needs a woman, ying needs a yang. The river needs two sides. Fire and water. Sometimes it is the opposites which compliment each other. It always have to be the opposites which compliment each other. If it was parallels, it would never meet. They would never fight, but they would never meet too.

I never really understood the concept of love. Love was in all logical conclusion like appendicitis . Some useless glorified feeling which inspired people to sing songs and celebrate. For me love was the love that I had seen in local Malayalam and Tamil movies. There was always a Hero(the male), Then there is a Heroine (the female ) . Lot of confusion in the beginning, some animosity, some resistance to the Hero s advance. Then inevitably they fall in love. Then enter the Villain. The 70s cinema was incomplete without a scene where the Villain tries to rape the heroine and the hero comes and saves her just in the nick of time. Then there is rain songs and item numbers. There was all forms of love. Some songs had meaning too deep and too beautiful for the lighthearted villain hero fight filled senseless movies. Although  did not understand love, I understood this much that I would one day fall in love, In fact I thought that was the mission of one's life. To fall in love. Then to ride a bike, Two wheeler and love songs

Little did I know that all these feelings were somehow the physical, biological, emotional, intellectual manifestation of natures wish to see itself reproduce, mutate and may be evolve. Evolution was the primary motives behind the numerous lives, Human lives, numerous stories. I am not sure we humans are doing this better and more sustainable than bacteria. We got so much lost in our thoughts and imaginations and fascinations that I think we are loosing the plot. That we are just mere instruments in the hands of evolution

Instruments we were, But it seldom fails to explain the magnitude and quality of feelings in any relative terms. Sometimes feelings so overwhelm that we fail to rationalize the objective significance of these feelings in any quantitative terms. The world of logic, the world of science/technology/mathematics/proof/theorem all ceased to exist when I saw her. It just so happens everytime, every single time a guy meets the girl. It sometimes lasts for 3 milli second. When it survives the 3 milli seconds, it is then that the fragrance of love transpires the realm of impulses into the realm of imagination..into the realm of poetry and prose.

For me this survived, This feeling survived almost 3 years. Everyday the clouds of fighting, the clouds of mutually agreed upon differences hide the intensity of the feeling that we have for each other. But after each cloud was a sunshine and rainfall. Then there is sleep and peace. Flowers blossom and it is time for Valentines day . To celebrate the differences as well as similarities. To celebrate the growth of fondness despite the difference and in spite of the similarities 

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