Andra Pradesh - State of division

Monday, October 7, 2013

Andrapradesh. It is one of the largest state in South India. It was in news in the mid 90s mainly because of the IT boom. Satyam computers. There was one point of time when almost 80 percent of IT workforce were from this State. It was one of the very few states in South India which had a little respect for people who work in the IT field. Out of my 10 friends who were also my colleagues, almost 6 were from Andra. They almost always invited me to visit Andra and especially Hyderabad. But in my mind Andra and Hyderabad was mostly like a desert. Infinite expanse of vast barren nothingness.

The last time I visited Andra was when I was almost a toddler, to Tirupathi. My parents believed that visiting the lord Venkatachala would bring them luck and lot of money.

Little did I know that I would end up marrying from Hyderabad. Second time I visited Andra was to visit my Fiancee . The whole of Hyderabad airport melted into empty nothingness in front of her beautiful eyes. I could nt see anything else apart from what she was at that day . The city of Nawabs , city of pearls and Tank bund. City where buddha tasted Kebabs and minced meat dishes.

Occupying 650 square kilometres (250 sq mi) along the banks of the Musi River, it has a population of 6.8 million and a metropolitan population of 7.75 million, making it the fourth most populous city and sixth most populous urban agglomeration in India. At an average altitude of 542 metres (1,778 ft), much of Hyderabad is situated on hilly terrain around artificial lakes, including Hussain Sagar—predating the city's founding—north of the city centre. It was a really lovely city, the one in which you can loose your entire life time figuring out the kaleidoscope of colours and cultures. 

It really saddens my heart to see the whole of the Andra divided in opinion regarding the Telangana. Being a blogger seems to be so dangerous. It is at the risk of being deported/executed/persecuted/killed that you show your opinion online. People are so intolerant towards independent thinking. It looks to me like democracy is dying a slow death or being well orchestrated/masked dictatorship . May be democracy is a licensed and people approved form of corruption. But I still believed in our government, only the people who spoil governance and democracy . A system is only as good as its weakest link, likewise democracy is only as good as the least moral maintainers/administers of it. 

What is Telangana movement ? 

The Telangana movement refers to a group of related political activities organized to support the creation of a new state of Telangana, from the existing state of Andhra Pradesh in South India. The proposed new state corresponds to the Telugu-speaking portions of the erstwhile princely state of Hyderabad. On 30 July 2013, the Congress Working Committee approved recommending a motion for a separate Telangana to the central government‬. The process of Telangana to be the 29th state of India with 10 Districts is expected to be completed in 4–5 months  once the Parliament passes an Act to create Telangana. Hyderabad will be the joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for 10 years

Agitations have started getting peak state. I am not really sure who is right, But dividing a state for political motivation seems to be fatal. It shows the weakness and lack of integrity of the government or misinformed policy makers. I know that many people have lost their lives in the Telangana agitations, Now many will loose their lives in the united Andra. All this is regional chauvism. From my personal experience Andra is one of the most divided state. A sense of alienation is there in each caste . I have even heard of my friends liking movie stars based on their caste. 

May be Andra needs a spiritual social reformer 

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya

Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha,

Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya

Tadatmanam Srijami Aham'.

Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-7)

"Whenever there is decay

of righteousness O! Bharatha

And a rise of unrighteousness

then I manifest Myself!"

Whenever civilization or culture is weakening or is at the worst form of decay, God will descent and help us reform. Kerala was also divided and untouchability was so rampant at one stage of life. So much so that Vivekananda who visited Kerala called it a mad house. It took courageous and compassionate Sri Narayana guru years to reform Kerala. Andra is so lost in its tollywood movies , liquor and ignorance that it is high time God came and helped them ! Not just silverscreen God , but a real god ! 

Peace and Prayers !!