Self destruction - Suicide is not the way

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If there is one person whom you can be in touch with for your entire life, Your constant companion, Your friend, Your enemy, Your guide , Your teacher . It has to be yourself. You are not a single person. You are an entire society inside you. There are one thousand two hundred and ninety seven thoughts inside you this very moment. Some thoughts are manifested, some are unmanifested. Some are in their stages of development. Some are very visible and hard to escape. These thoughts make up our action, their reaction. And who we are. The primary driver behind our thoughts just have got to be your desires. Our hopes and dreams

It was really unbelievable that Jiah Khan is no more. We can never really digest the death of the ones we love.

She has orphaned not only her family , But also lot of her fans like me. I never noticed her for the skin show or glamour. But for the kind of bold roles and acting caliber. Indian cinema rarely seen women as something more than an arm candy for the protagonist male chauvinist. Our Cinema is the reflection of social outlook. Even the so called intelligent thinking film makers, so unwittingly cast dancers in their item numbers. It is true that Cinema is not here to teach people ethics or morality . So successful cinema is reflection of what people really accept 

Is the plight of women so Bad in India ? 

It is not just India, I think world over , Woman are taught to enjoy being seen as an object of sex or desire. Countless TV commercials, intelligent marketing by typecasting women as glamorous, while men as hardworking, swashbuckling adventure seeking leaders. It is very sad indeed to see such a successful woman as Jiah Khan , Who was so young and who had so much years of success ahead of her think about this fatal decision. If a person of her stature is deciding to end all by self destruction, what about ordinary women ? There are people who are struggling for daily bread, who are neck down in debts, who are daily laborers, bonded laborers. While one section of society is mourning the death of a starlet, There is another section who dont see a future beyond today' and tomorrows food. Who are seeing their children with stunt in growth due to lack of nutrition. We call ourselves intelligent beings but still we fail to empathize with our own kins . We glorify the spirit of humanity in films and literature, But fail to see the tears of those around us who deserve this same spirit of humanity. When will woman wake up from the shambles of this shameless characterization. How many times have we seen a struggling male actor commit suicide due to relationship problems, Almost never !! A man can stay a bachelor and they will glorify it . The will call him Swamiji . But Woman is little more than a cow ! that is the way Indian society sees her . As a productive instrument .. As an Object 

Woman feel more ! ? 

Woman can be very emotional. Their emotions can easily overpower their reason and logic. They must be thinking from the right part of their brain. No wonder they are suckers for countless over dramatized TV serials, While men only cares about brainless , emotionless sports and cricket. For women, Emotional gratification and grief can overpower all other equations. So when a relationship breaks, It is usually the end of the world. When will we ever wake up from this emotional time bomb ticking every second , Fueled and glorified by Ekta kapoor and TV serials ? Probably never 

Women and Men are equal. They have the same kind of chemical and neural networking , Only during their growth and personality formation, We so strictly enforce the idea of sex in their head. We uncannily force our image of a male and female onto them. When was the last time you saw a female with short haircut and called it boycut ? Why do we expect woman to look like a woman ? or man to dress like himself ? 

There are endless questions and almost no answers. Unless and until we break free from this sick society, Unless and until we break free from conservative thought process. There will always be personal failures. Sometimes over come , sometimes it can defeat you and take away from this world a wonderfully creative talented personality who had so many healthy , glorious creative talented years ahead of her 

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