How to make money without adsense

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to make money ! ?

Hmm to make money without adsense .. this should be easy .. beg ..borrow ..steal! but seriously .as is heard in a very popular song , the rich is getting richer ,and poor is getting poorer .is nt it ?

The world is getting very complex nowadays ..and the old adage which says information is wealth could not be more apt considering our situation !

Its all about knowing the right thing , at right time and using it to your right advantage . When i started to hear about adsense , i was really excited , and for the right reason , my friend was showing me many ways articles where users had made a lot of money of adsense , anyone would be tempted as so was I , i too started a blog of my own and published it to small group of friends , updated everyday with whatever deemed suited and like a patient parent waited it to grow .. to my frustration i was seeing that although i was getting a lot of hits , the earning through adsense remained same ,,nil! I tried several other similiar advertising programs. but nothing much helped me .

My dream remained distant , and all i could think about was to revive my father business .. that of selling sweets . i just could nt make myself to the fact that i be selling sweets to cornershops . that too after having done my Masters in university campus itself . then i slowly learned to accept the fact that .its the money you earn and not the person you are which make society respect yourself , So what i did ,, i just refreshed on my jilebi making and cycling skills .. and after about two months of hardwork i was as good as my father in making sweets . i gradually began to love my work !

Love and respect for what you do is the key to your success in any field , but there are indeed some fields which just kicks in your bottom like adsense though . so what s the key to making money as easy as does adsense is ? i really wish i knew .. it all really depends on perception . i think love for what you do makes things easier for you to work on , i mean if you love what you do .. then what you do stops being so hard on you .

jokes apart , i tried some alternative business methods . Growing spirulina is actually a very good option you know , Try growing spirulina .. depending on its demand in you local market , you could earn upto 30 K permonth i have been earning upto 20 k per month