Meaningnlessness staring right at me where i am empty

Thursday, May 29, 2008

After much hiding cajoling and coercing .. i finally succumbed to the meaningless reality of life .. why was i searching for a meaning ! i wonder being endowed with an education system which imposed logic and its tenets into my thinking pattern . its but inevitable that i come across of question justifying my existance ! may be bored , yeah .. that is more appropriatedly understandable explantion of what i was going through , i was bored .. and may be this make sense to the ordinary mortals .. ordinary .. how ordinary are we all . i think its because of all the competetion for space .. food .. mate makes us not able to stand and think about the significance of it all . i think its a foolish mistake for us to be invovled this endless and cyclic ..cynical .loop of marriage childbirth ..separation and all . i think if we are numb .. yeah that is right we should be numb .. totally indifferent to even our own literal disintegration ! and destruction . i think global suicide might bring about some relief to our relentless madness. Pray.. pray .. my mind for respite .. relief from itself .. mind is the biggest challenge to itself .let s pray that we are able to relieve itself of its pains