When two becomes one ! Story of King and Commisioner ?!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

The one thing missing in todays youth ? Is it traffic sense,Humour sense ? or like Our Mamootty sir would say , sense , sensibility ..SENSITIVITY !! When I saw the crowd at the movie King and Commisioner , I understood it was a combination of all these things plus intelligence / creativity/ ideation etc etc which was missing from todays youth . How else could you explain the sensational hit of Krishnananum Radhayum ? Oh my god if you did nt see it yet , You must to see it to believe to what extent people can go in the name of making a movie . To say Krishnanum radhayum by Santhosh pandit sir is a brainless numbwit is to make the understatement of the millenium . It is such crass , so much crass that we have to really see it believe it . But it makes for a hell of an roll over floor laughter . But .. But really butt you have to understand this kind of entertainment is like enjoying a Curry puff (croissant) made out of your own brain . That part of your brain which is fed up with watching the kind of movies which we had been made to watch over and over again

You see Seeing such a movie would have ruffled the feathers of Sense ..senzibility and Zensitivity of mega super aging yet still romancing stars like Mammotty and Suresh Gopi . So they decided to come together to re-enact / remake the so called magic of theatrical elocution skills in the name of china wall long dialogue delivery . I mean only them , Only these people can carry of Mallu accent ..I mean Lolakutty is nothing in front of them . They pass of their manglish with so much panache that you actually feel proud of the your mallu accent when you speak English !

Then why did I ever go to watch the movie in the first time ? I actually was as confused as you all were as I was standing in a line which was longer than the dialogue maraaoed by these two in the movie . You see I was angry that day . By looking at the posters , I felt so much identified . You can see so much of anger in the posters that you actually feel good about feeling angry . So I was angry , I only wish I had a gun ( Just so that I can say the dialogue . . . Sense venam , Sensitivity Venam ! Sensibility venam ) What was I angry at ? well it was like a variety of subjects that I was angry at .. First of all the strike at maneshwar due to which I was driving a Fiat punto . Then the price of petrol !! then the fact that I was ... paired opposite a very nice ..person in real life ! oh god ..Looking at the posters you feel like feeling angry even if you are perfectly happy and smiling and happily married too ..

LIttle Facts ~!

The King & the Commissioner is a 2012 Malayalam political thriller film written by Renji Panicker and directed by Shaji Kailas, starring Mammootty and Suresh Gopi in the lead roles. The film was earlier reported to be a successor[2] to 1995 film The King and 1994 film Commissioner and its sequel Bharathchandran I.P.S. of 2005, however director Shaji Kailas reportedly said that the film features a new story in a new background where the lead characters of his and Renji Panicker’s films (Joseph Alex IAS & Bharath Chandran IPS) are coming together.[3] Mammootty and Suresh Gopi are reprising their roles Joseph Alex IAS and Bharath Chandran IPS respectively. The film released in more than 200 theatres all over India

You see one very nice thing about Kerala is that they produce the best ..and the very worst films ever made in India . And something even more strange and interesting about the State of Kerala is that it is the same very people who make , act and watch these kind of very best and very worst of films . So who is watching the King and Commisioner ? ? It was me that day .. The very unfortunate me . You see the little I tell about the story the better . Cos Actually even after watching the movie ..keenly .. Well I was atleast trying to watch it without being brain numb ..But hey , I did nt wear helmet inside the theatre . so I guess my brain was indeed numb by the time I watched the movie . So it took like a week of Ayurvedic Kerala massage by beautiful ladies to recover myself and my brain from the hopelessly irrepairable brain damage from hearing dialogue the size of open page editorial of The Hindu ! I wonder why on earth someone would deliver a dialogue so long , so immaculate just few micro second before killing or before being killed .

I hail Mammooty and Suresh Gopi ! May their sense ..sensibility and sensitivity prevail before doing another film