For Each and every day !

Monday, April 23, 2012

Another day . Infact it was Monday . Some people call it blue . Some people hate monday . Infact I heard that most no. of heart attacks / road accidents / love failures happen on a Monday morning . It is the one day which breaks the spell of two glorious day of doing nothing at all . But I guess in among the myriad things marriage changes is your perception of Monday ! I was thankful for another day of being in a perpetual continous eternal relationship with a complete stranger was survived . Infact this survival is not without defeat or shame or daily bankrupcy . I cursed every shopping mall and handicraft shops along the way ..In Trivandrum .. I always loved Thiruvananthapuram . Infact it is the one place I wanted to settle down once after I was thirty or forty .. But I never ..ever ..have seen so much of shops ..Until I was married !

Life after marriage was always filled with shops .. Shopping and immenent bankrupcy at the end of the day . Before marriage it was elegant.luxurious/drunk/petrol burning  living even with just 10 k per month .and after marriage was bankrupcy even with 100k salary every month , Month after month !

Rationalist , existentialist , communist , humourist , philistinist .. in among the many things I was , I was never a male chauvanists , Infact some friends even considered me a male feminist . But somehow , I became a MCP everytime I even remotely suggested skipping that piece of unwanted junk from these junkyard shopping malls !

So if you are in Trivandrum there are a few places you must watch out for if you are married !

1 - Pothys
2 - Jayalakshmi
3 - Entire stretch of Chaala near east fort
4 - Occasional fairs

If you know of any other shops which an make you an MCP , please do keep me posted !! I think marriage does test you , I guess you want to brainwash yourself into believing that these tests are to help you adjust mentally to the reality .. of being .. married . To the stranger who is the partner ..In sickness and in shopping mall !