An Appeal to the - Grandmothers of India

Friday, April 27, 2012

There was a time when all that I ever wanted to do was ..marry ! Really I really did nt knew the reason why I wanted to get married. Talk about corruption(rape/molestation/sodomy/masturbation) of mind. I think my mind was hopelessly numerous feel good movies about the Hero , Heroine and rain dance(with barely and rarely seen nipples and navel). And of-course the two flowers touching scene after marriage. I thought marriage was just about everything everyone wanted at some point of their life. Heck the entire society and my family thought marriage was the only destiny of anyone who unfortunately or fortunately is born and grown and ready for marriage. I think Indians were obsessed so much with marriage that they did nt even wait for sexual maturity. There were child marriages. Even the so called father of nation married when he was just 3 years old!

So being a Gandhian in this particular philosophy, I too thought marriage was the source and solution of all problems in a human life. You see being a kid, it is ill advisable to directly talk about something called marriage, SO every now and then I would hint my grandmother how nice it would have been to be married. Of-course she could never understand my point of view exactly the same way that I saw it. She then would link me up with some uncle s daughter (yes in some caste in India it is common to marry among close relatives ) and that s it. The worse thing is once she starts linking up, even ordinary conversation with that girl/cousin of mine becomes almost impossible. I dont know why this feeling of shyness comes in humans ? Is there any utility of being shy, What is it ?? I can understand anger, fear , happiness etc . I know that they all have some usefullness in the journey of evolution. But shyness ! ? In terms of feelings I think Shyness was an evolutionary blunder. The most funny part about being shy is you commit blunders in the name of this shyness. So you see it took me almost twenty years to slightly suppress this feeling of shyness from completely debilitating my chances to ..err...get married !