Evolution of madness

Monday, July 23, 2012


What is madness ? I have a history with madness. My life is full of mad people. Karl marx, Tolstoy, Gandhi, Osho, Jesus, My father and mother, Even my grandmother ..Just to name a few. 

Some were temporarily mad, You know light madness. Like madness with selective amnesia and frequent forgetfullness. I think 99.998 Percentage of human beings and chimpanzees are lightly and slightly mad. They become and behave like the clinically and seriously mad people at some point of their life. Atleast once a day they become this mad mad mad psycopaths who are so blinded by their madness that they for one very eventful micro second, become blinded and driven by this madness. May be my sense of observation is a bit sharp.

--> when you go for that smoke despite the sane voice in you ? you are that mad man !!
--> Like when you curse someone in a fit of rage?
--> like when you feel like / actually beating your child ! ?
--> You are mad when you lieing !

But I fail not to see a moment of madness in someone except for may be when I am in love(with them or their daughter) I think love is the only one emotion which can address and cure this madness in us. Permanent and temporary madness. When we love we become benevolent, We become like Jesus christ and we see only beauty and no ugliness. When we love we become profound and we become poets. We even see beyond wealth health and form factor of body too. May be a reason why Jesus says God is love..

Or God might have been in love when he created this world and this madness. He must have loved so much that he must have created a reason for this love to exist. Like Ying and Yang. I think the opposite of love is madness.

It is very difficult to imagine or explain this madness. Most madness is like Godness. Or goodness. YOu can feel it but really can not describe or define it. Definition differs from madness to madness and people to people. For me spending hours staring at Glass door of open shops is pure madness. But my wife achieves orgasm and childbirth (both at the same time ) when she watches these open shop doors. And for her, She just could nt understand my wanderlust. The need to travel. When someone as close as a couple. Supposedly close and intimate humans living together under same roof in an agreement to tackle the madness of marriage have such a vastly different opinion of what madness actually is, You can imagine the entire lot of humanity