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Monday, August 9, 2010

It was not that I was lonely , I was only as lonely as the every single individual , male , female and auto drivers of this universe of Bangalore ! Before I came to bangalore , it was just a place on map . The location for a number of beautiful girls in my Orkut/facebook/blogger/twitter/Gmail... friends list ( mostly strangers ) . But now bangalore was staring me in my face . with all it s dust , Traffic . and the million and one people squeezed into the most unavailable inch of every bus and footpath! I wonder if all the people in India ..mallus , Tamilians , Northies .. MIddle east and west of india too ... wanted to go home at the exact same time , to the exact same place ..Worse part of it was they all seemed to have a car , or bike ...they honked and emited toxic fumes !

The strange , idiotic , non sensical , insensible lonliness was particularly amplified by the fact that my room mates , Had three , four or five girl friends , who constantly flirted with them for being ..their romantic girlfriends ! What was more , they were not that bad looking at all !

Jealousy !

How could I be jealous . I was not jealous ! I could never be jealous . Cos jealousy is supposed to be bad right . And here I was , The most righteous guy in the universe of bangalore ! There simply could nt be anyone more more righteous than me ! ..Well I was jealous . Of the dogs and cats ! HOney and bees ! Nature was running past me like an express train without any stop . There I was . Stuck almost with the way I was , What I was ..was it making me ..catching this train .. But remember I was not the only lonely me .. There were million , Exactly one million two hundred and two thousand people who must have been lonely ! I mean ..

Well I was nt always this unpopular and stranger ..without friends or girl friends . I was the Magnetic person in College ! and school . Its just that once when you are employed in a computer company , You just dont get to see people in a relaxed mood sleepy appreciating your wit and sense of humour ! Well college was done , The KSR college of Non sense was done with . Now it was a time I worked with people whose tensed face reminded me of my IT returns , and need to get a loan , House loan , Savings ....

Oh god I was aging ....Fast!! Like I was aging with light years .>Each year added a million years to my expiring and exhausting ..time limit on this earth !

SO what I do ..

I just booze !

With my friends ! This was a time I discoverd that .. DSP Black was a good brand of whiskey , when ofcourse mixed with ..COCA Cola ! or Pepsi !

But when you wake up with a Hangover . You realise that ..t s not a permenant solution to all your problems ! So you .. face another lonely day with all your lonliness .

So I decided to call her . My old school friend , A fellow blogger . The only person who had enough intellectual stammer to have an arguement with me . So I call her on a Monday . Evening . I thought she be surprised ! Shocked ..and pleased ..

So she says .. She wants a job . She already had a job . But she wanted a better job . She asked me if I knew any consultants  .. yeah right , It was the last thing i wanted to hear !

So All men and woman of Bangalore universe was very brave , besides being good looking . They even smoked cigerettes as they sat behind their boyfriends or girlfriends Scooty ! They speeded the traffic filled clogged highways of Bangalore ! But I was not one of them ..


Purba said...

Strangely touching, almost lyrical. Very interesting write up, came straight from the heart

Seeker said...

Hey Purba . Thanks for leaving me a comment . A very beautiful comment ! :)

magiceye said...

beautiful write...
lovely images too!

Seeker said...

@ Magiceye , Lovely man , Magic eye ! thanks a lot for the comment and the visit man ! :) very encouraging indeed

Ria said...

The dog really looks so lonely..nice useage of pics to depict what u so aptly want to say thru this post.

Seeker said...

Hey Ria , Thanks for the comments !it is lonely in bangalore as the dog that I am thinking of finding one(dog) to adopt ! :D

ankur said...

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Anonymous said...

Dude,was passing by. Being a fellow Bangalorean i can feel the pain.

Nice writeup :)

Sayani said...

Loneliness is a solace but seldom we can use it that way. Mostly it wrecks !!!
Nice post and dramatic view...keep up the good work :)
hope to see you in my blog :)