Naughty Ale with Lipid boosters

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Destiny and me !
Destiny had always had a funny way with Naughty ale ! It was the first time in his entire life of eating and sleeping with occasional boozing life ..that it had occured to him that he had somthing which resembles him to his ancestors a few hopeless generations ago . Ale had a growing belly which was in those days considered as a symbol of prosperity and well being .

Ale had always thought that he was very sexy and charming ! To be honest .. who does not think of himself as very sexy except for sick in mind !! Ale always ate whatever he wanted .Food had always comforted him from the contradictory reality of his charm and sex appeal . The more he ate .. the more he felt good ..about eating . It was that part of the world which was late in catching up the fad diets and zero looks that Ale grew up with his granny . Granny was in an never ending quest to see her grandson grow .but her idea of growth was only the physical ..size .. of body . She thought if he had grown earlier .. he would have more time to do all those things which used to make her feel amused about grownups . Ale was always supported and cheered in his fine taste for anything fattening ! Ale grew up on a steady diet of Potato and buffallo milk . with mind numbing cake giving him intermittant breaks . Ale always took digestive aids to help overcome the hiccups of the overloaded digestive system .

As he stood in front of the mirror seeing how hopelessly far he was from Tom cruise's chiseled biceps and tummy . But he had seens infinite number of advertisements with promises to reduce fat within days and weeks in most of the adult sites that he visited . He promised himself to click on one of those damn Google adsense ads next time he visited one such site . It was breakfast time for him . It was never habitual for him to feel filled or guilty about the insanely large portion of steak or beacon that he usually had at breakfast . Breakfast was not something he enjoyed thoroughly . It was the experiments he had with his indian friends with food that he found on various cuisines that had really made him down it with delight ! He especially liked those spicy food . Dosa ..samosa !

Granny almost never used to comment about Ales slightly overwieght bulk being ungainly to look at . But Ale was surprisingly shocked to hear it from her granma that he was looking so bulk . What had happened to granma . Have the words of crap from those hopeless salesmen of aerobic plastics influence grannys Aestheticaly outlook of human body! Was she becoming aware of the latest crazes about looking skinny ! Who knows TV has made everything very visible ! and heard . Ale cursed for being so blissfully ignorant about the growing mass of shapeless flesh growing around him

FAT .. what was it ..just lipids man .. just some glycerol and wax ... It would not be so hard to get rid of them fat to become a lean mean killing machine .

Atleast that must have been what was going through when ale was spending the first day at that hopelessly puzzling and menacing treadmill ! It was easy enough when he first stepped into matt of the machine . He actually felt somewhat good. He was granted his allowance for indulging in Nike shoes and other valuable accessories which had made execerise look somewhat bearable . It was not long before ale realised that he was not his usual self that day . He could sense the breakfast struggling equally hard with him to get out of that now efficient digestive system ! He felt really ridiculous to have decorated Masters dumbells with digestive enzymes and half digested food.He decided that the form of exercise which involved primitive and very silly movements with wieghts was not going to do very much help for his fat suite . He needed to run .. Like that DMX ad .. he ll lose it fast in Aerobics

Atleast that was what he thought .. when he joined the aerobic class . Having grown in sensitivity and in pain to every inch of his body having musculature after a week of training , He actually began to feel that he was becoming fit . Now it was time to indulge . I mean how long could you avoid those tastes which made you groan in ecstasy ! So on that saturday . he went all out in making sure that he could not be stuffed anymore even for an inch of food !

He actually began to look good in front of the mirror . when he avoided the angles which revealed the real shape of this sagging behind ! Enough was enough .One week of rest could make me more recuperated and more energetic for my session the week after . that was what he thought ..even after ix years after he left Sams aerobic class .. and exercise as a whole

He thought it was a conspiracy of Corporate sponsers to make them skinny models with their musculature exposed to be good and appealing . ! As years grew , he slowly teached himself to like people who were nearing edge of shapelessness ! He even found someone attractive enough ! He brainwashed himself to believe that true beauty lies in a persons soul when he planted his first kiss to a hopelessly beautiful person of the same sex . Who said there are rules to life ..and love and exercise ! Its as chaotic as my Granma s Apple pie

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