HOw to make blog interesting

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pay attention Hub !

By Myriad

interesting hub -Make it !

How to make blog interesting

Trouble making your blog interesting , Dont worry , you are not alone , Its not very common to find people with a fine taste for shakespeare and homer in your everyday life . People are so damn lazy , That is the nature of how human mind works

Nothing can catch them attention unless involving nudity or description of intimate exchange of body fluids .So porn needs no introduction or advertisement So readily popular.Just by mentioning the word i beleive i already caught your attention

Here are a few donts and do s to make it blog very naughty and kinky in a rather interesting and readable ways !

1. The first hint of how interesting my blog was got by my girfriends comment , how boring it was . Usually my blogs were always about exploits ,Frustrations and death and what little philosophical crap i could get my comprension upon .. Humans are so infinitely involved with themselves .The very nature of human mind was what made me write what i did and why my hubs were so less interesting ! , So description of your antics hardly ever meets anything other than brickbats . So Dont talk too much about yourselves ..unless you sleep with willsmith and JanetJackson in the same night in the same bed !

2.Dont talk too much about talked about subjects. The one really annoying factor which makes any of my surfing endeavours boring is the repetition of content. No matter how good the content you will definetley get bored .Even celebreties get divorced man . there are no exception to the rule that familiarity breeds contempt .Think out of the box . write some stuff which you is out of ordinary .sex it up using your antics ,I think variety is a very good drawer for your contents .

3.Do have some undercurrent of motivation .

I dont know about others.For me i ll get fed up with reading really negative stuff .Man already my girlfriend is so ugly ..why do you want to torture me by writing about it !! or about anything bad and worse ! So even if you are a die hard critic .Have some light at the end of the tunnel . Offer not only problems but also some clue to the solutions.Life is made bearable to live by what positive energy we have . so Write them blogs with love and passion with lot of positivity .

4.Take up a good personality

I think its is not only the content of the blog .but also the personality of the blogger that takes up the attention of the reader . I dont think Harry potter would have been a hit if it had been written by George bush .I would dismiss even without reading it as a book full of crap and vomit mixed with american politics . Its not the words that people read.Its their own interpretations and ideas .that people read through your blog ! So Assume a colourful and honest personality . but dont lie to yourself and your readers .Truly try to become someone attractive , if not physically , intellectually and emotionally

5.Be nice to people

I think what make the article is not only its own content but also the comments of people . there are some blogs /hubs in which original content itself was so meagre but the comments were truly rich and made the hub really readable and commendable ! So its not only yourself who contribute to the popularity of your hub but also people who comment too.!!

6.Dont be a propagandist

I dont truly know what the above meant ..but what i am trying to say is that not being a decisive and judgemental person and truly being open to ideas and change can be quite inviting for people who visit your worded thoughts . So be real . dont try to stick to your ideas ..Ideas are only ideas man ..just some chemical reactions in brain cells .but people friendship .. and relationship .. man ..that is something worth being contradicted .

There are some cheap tricks too ..which i deem not worthy to be mentioned here . but am aware and not use anyways ..if you guys know some tips be sure to share it with me too ! guys !!

and girls

Note : there is some rumours that i started this hub to get laid ! so understand my intentions !

cheers !!