Blogging is dead , Breathing its last breath ?

Monday, February 8, 2010

There has been a gradual and generally steady decline in the number of blogs being written , read and updated on a regular basis . It is but the general observation ..There are plenty of observable reasons with good logic behind this
Quality of blogs ..
The quality of blogs , I must have to say ..Would have got to be some what compromised . Yeah there are hub pages which turn out stunning and marvellous blogs every once in a while , Almost very creative each time and every time too . but on the whole , one things which can be observed is the general trend of repeating , even to the extend of being copied from other site / blogs . Different people come to blog with different intentions , It takes a lot of time , passion and ofcourse patience to have a good blog with nice following , And its quiet some pressure to actually produce readable , interesting content each time unless ofcourse it is controversial and very much debatable .
I have seen many blogs intentionally being offensive against a particular dogma just so that attention could be drawn , Yet I have also seen some genuinely good readable , thought provoking blogs which does nt have much readership . So I dont know to which approach to side with , Yet i do feel that times , it does make some sense to have some of your thoughts being brought forward on issues and controversies !
The Hype and the reality ....
Most of the socially active people do tend to have a lot of creative thoughts , Which can be said also about creative people in general . Blogging was a wonderful medium to express your creative thoughts without , actually having to publish in a magazine or newspaper .
Regional blogging especially Language specific blogging has always been a really intense experience . An example would have to be Tamil blogging , I have been shocked and awed by the content and depth of the tamil blogs out there . Amazing stuff , regularly updated , Really alive blogging , Only in tamil . I find that those who write in regional language really tend to identify with what is being written and hence the camaradarie
English blogging, Is something with really great potential , Although seldom realised by regions other than US and UK ,
FaceBook Phenomenon !
Brain .. Inertia ! Inertia is the tendency of an object to remain in a state of rest or steady motion unless and until disturbed by an external force - Always We take the easy way . It is said , dont run if you can walk , Dont walk if you can sit ..and dont sit if you can blog ! and dont blog if you have twitter ..ANd to hell with Twitter , I rather facebook since I am a Lazy bum !
Facebook is easy , its fun , it really ruins / Spoils / and degrades any little creativity left in general populace !
With Facebook , It is generally the really embaressing and ill advisable yet personally gratifying format of blogging . Who wants to know . . . Unless if they are really caring , if you have been drinking with your friends , paragliding in Timbbaktu ..Facebook is filled with such small , insignificant details , yet there are some serious facebook profiles who do share some genuinly interesting Content , Like This Osho community in facebook . Plenty of generally Good stuff they provide , But mostly copied from elsewhere (if not Osho Himself )
I think This has been an age which is marked by a steady decline of thought process among the youth , It is indeed a fact that ..Most of the well established bloggers are either lonely and in the middle ages , having a lot of good / inspiring thoughts but no medium to express it ! Not so with the case with the Young and available with lots of nice good things to do (in night and afterwards too ) . Its like , Life is too busy that they could nt stop over and put in words (unless its 254 charectors In twitter )
The creativity in Twitter has reduced to the random dismissive quotes ! ( which is good and better than nothing ) And facebook , Aided massively by the visual and verbal assault of the updates ( photo updates , pokings , games ) has had become a really easy and viable alternative to ..Blogging ! Even at times eating the micro blogging pie as well !
It is indeed ..sad ..
That there are nt new age movements in philosphy , or literature ,
because now is the greatest of available oppurtunity with exposure to such easily accessible mass communication mediums to reach out to literally billions of like minded people ! Who might have similiar complimentary thoughts ! yet !! .. Are caught up .Stuck up ..being lost in facebook !