Pappu Yadav!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Rahul was rushing to finish his work. He had been waiting for this day for a long time. The day that he had yearned for has finally arrived.

He had made all his plans a month back. He had stayed two days overnight to finish off his work. His project mates could see happiness radiating in his face. They could not understand the real reason though as they had seen him slog the entire week.

He re-checked his wallet to confirm if the flight ticket was there. Then he checked the date and travel time for nth time again. Everything had gone as planned. He had completed his deliverable and the project was due for release the next day.

He left a note to his Manger and started off rushing to the airport.

On the way to the airport he made a call to her. The only other person on earth who knew what he was up to.

"Mama, Rahul here. Everything's fine. I am on my way to the airport. Will call you tomorrow. Take care Bye".


"Rahul, a call for you" yelled Bharath. Rahul was busy trying to fix an open issue. "Hey buddy. Can you take down the name of the person and tell that I'll call them after an hour", replied Rahul.

"But it seems the person wants to get some information and its urgent" said Bharath.

Rahul picked up the phone. "Hello this is Anjali here. Sorry to disturb you Rahul. I am in AFA project and I need some help from you".

Rahul was mesmerized by her voice. It's the same familiar voice that he had heard numerous times. "Rahul! Are you there?" queried Anjali.

"Yes. Tell me Anjali. What can I do for you?" replied Rahul.

"Hey buddy not coming for lunch?" called out Bharath. Rahul had been explaining her and this call made him realize that 2 hrs had passed by.


It has just been a couple of months. But her thought seemed to have evaded both Rahul's heart and his work. He had not been through this before and hence found it very strange.

"What's her name?" his mom asked Rahul casually while serving dinner.

He was taken aback by this question.

"I can't get you ma." he replied.

"I know you beta. I can notice the difference in you. You need not tell me if you wish not to"

"Ma. I don't know what is happening to me. I've started liking her I suppose," he told his mom.

The taxi came to a screeching halt outside the airport. Rahul got back to his senses.


He boarded his flight to Pune. As the flight took off his thoughts drifted towards her. He imagined her cuddled up in his arms. Her beautiful voice, echoed in his ears. All those pleasant memories and sweet nothing conversations rushed up in his mind.

Anjali: You're amazing. I can't believe that a person can have so much knowledge and yet be so humble

Rahul: That's very flattering. I think the same applies to you too.

Anjali: Me??

Rahul: I know that you had won the inter-corporate light music competition. Your voice is so beautiful. I admire your voice. It's a pleasure to work with you ma'am

Anjali: Thanks Rahul. How do you know that? Do you sing too?

Rahul: Not unless I want an Jevacuation in my area.

Anjali: Giggling... So you just listen and enjoy is it?

Rahul: Yeah! I don't sing but... (It can wait a little longer. I'll tell her when I meet her) Yes! For we people are not blessed with the talent that you have. All we can do is admire.

"We'll be landing in another 5 minutes" announced the flight attendant and this call got Rahul back to the present.


Mithun: Dude! How was your journey?

Rahul: Fine buddy.

Mithun: Will you at least tell me now, the purpose of this trip?

Rahul: Just wait for another day dude. The secret would be out. By the way did you get me what I had asked for?

Mithun: Yes. Here! Have it. But you could have brought your own guitar. Why did you ask for a new one?

Rahul: It's getting late dude. Let's move. I'll answer all your questions tomorrow.

With a friendly hug both of them parted outside the airport.


Rahul displayed his ID card to the security person outside his office and rushed to the 10th floor of the building. He silently slipped into the work area. His eyes were frantically searching for her.

Finally his eyes fell upon the object of his search. His Love. She was dressed in a beautiful blue and white chudithar and her loosely coiled hair fell upon her shoulder. Rahul was dumbstruck. He felt an impulse to rush and hug her and kiss her on her cheeks. Controlling himself he sheepishly moved into the cubicle just behind hers.

Mahesh who had just spotted Rahul almost yelled his name. Rahul jumped across and firmly held his hands across Mahesh's mouth. Rahul had moved with such pace that he almost toppled Mahesh from his chair.

He hissed at Mahesh and asked him to remain silent. Rahul's voice was almost a whisper.

Rahul: Shhhh! I need help from you dude. No questions please. I need your PC for another 15 minutes. Take a break and be back and I can explain everything.

Mahesh: But! I have an urgent work to...

Rahul: Please dude! Just 15 mins.

Mahesh: Rahul had helped him a lot and he could not say a 'No' to Rahul. He silently left the place half curious and half puzzled. While all this happened, Anjali and her friends had settled in their cubicle. There seemed a buzz around the entire place.

He slowly placed the guitar at the desk and logged into Mahesh's pc. "The game starts now" he thought to himself.


He logged into the messenger with his id and pinged her.

Rahul: Hi! Anjali!

Anjali: Hello! Good Afternoon. What's up weirdo? (Rahul could hear her giggling in her cubicle as she typed in the reply)

Rahul: Nothing. Just relieved and happy that my project is finally going for a release tom J

Anjali: Wow! Treat! You had worked very hard and I am sure it would be a big success.

Rahul: Yeah! I am hoping the same. So how's your work going along?

Anjali: Not great yaar! Stuck up with coding for one of the screens.

Rahul: How about a cup of coffee?

Anjali: Coffee? Have you come here to Pune?

Rahul: Nope. (He put in a coffee cup symbol over the messenger and chuckled while doing so).

Anjali: Hey weirdo! Can you help me out in fixing up the error if you aren't too busy?

Rahul: Sure! Tell me the screen where you've got stuck up.


Rahul got up slightly and saw Pooja and Lavanya entering Anjali's cube. He immediately ducked down and slid himself in his chair.

"Hey Anju! Common! Wind up your work fast. It's your b'day today and we had planned to leave early today" uttered Pooja.

"Yeah! I also don't feel like working today. But I am stuck up in a screen" replied Anjali.

Rahul: Hello! Will you tell me the place or screen pls...(pinged Anju in msgr)

"So what's the puppy saying? Wagging its tail? Huh" asked Pooja.

"Must be waiting for the biscuits I suppose," told Lavanya as she joined the conversation.

Just as Lavanya said this all three broke into a loud laughter.

Rahul was puzzled by this conversation and could not decipher what they were talking about.

"So what are you waiting for when you have the pup at your disposal. An intelligent pup, I must say. Just ask him to code the screen for you" told Pooja.

"Yeah! Throw him two additional smilies in the messenger and he would be happy to do the entire coding for you" added Lavanya.

Rahul could not believe what he was hearing.

Anjali: Hey weirdo! I am not feeling well today.Can you do the coding for the Balance Screen alone?

Rahul's hands were trembling and he was too shocked to reply.

Rahul: Just a min. (he forced himself to reply)

Anjali: Please dear! I have a doctor's appointment today and need to leave early.

"Here goes the second biscuit," told Pooja as she laughed.

Rahul was in a state of complete disbelief. Tears started rolling down his eyes. It seemed to him as if the entire world was spinning.

"Wish I had one pup too. Can you check if the pup can help with my work too" told Lavanya and the three broke into laughter again.

Rahul was sobbing now with tears all over his cheeks. He still could not believe what was happening.

"The pup seems a little reluctant today. Guess he needs more cajoling today" told Anjali.

And this statement seemed to be the final nail on his coffin. He grunted in agony and pain.

"The puppy is dead' he typed into the messenger window and silently slipped out of the place.


He seemed to be caught in a sea of emotions and he didn't even notice Mahesh who was returning back with a cup of coffee. He took the elevator to the terrace.

Anjali finally saw the reply on the messenger window and was puzzled. She pulled the other two and showed them the reply.

"But how could he have known? Had he been here?" questioned Pooja.

"He actually asked me over for a cup of coffee initially but then put up a coffee mug icon over the msgr" replied Anjali.

Just as they were pondering, Mahesh entered his cubicle. He saw the guitar placed over his desk with a rose stuck between the strings and a card by its side.

Just as he slipped open the card, a faint musical note "Happy Birthday to you" resonated from within. This caught the attention of Anjali and others as they turned back and moved into Mahesh's cubicle.

"To Anjali!

Wishing you many more happy returns of the day!

With Love

Rahul" read the card.

Mahesh passed over the card to Anjali!

She slipped open the card, and was dumbstruck not knowing what to do next. The faint b'day note was playing in the background.

Mahesh now got a grip of the situation but couldn't still understand why Rahul left abruptly.

Rahul was crying over aloud in the terrace punching the wall with his fists. He never expected this to happen. He had decided to tell his love for her today and he was a bit apprehensive over her response.

What hurt him more was the way she had considered him. As a mere utilizable commodity! "The puppy is dead! Its dead" he shouted as he kept landing punches on the wall. His knuckles were swollen and a taint of blood appeared over them.

His mobile rang all of a sudden. He was in no mood to talk to anyone. As he pulled up the mobile from his pocket he saw that it was his mother calling.

He slowly pressed the answer button.

"Beta! How are you? What happened?" uttered his mother.

He wanted to tell her all that happened and for a moment wished that she were by his side. But words failed to come out from his mouth and it seemed as if a lump was stuck in his throat.

There was a long silence and he finally managed to speak. "I am fine ma" he replied.

"It wasn't your fault beta!" she told as if reading his mind.

"You loved her from the core of your heart. If she didn't like you, it's her who's missing a wonderful person. It does hurt and I can understand. But remember that you have a person who is missing you a lot. Please come back home tonight for dinner" saying this she ended the call.

Her words comforted him and he felt a lot better. He wiped down his tears and kept staring at the heaven. Just then he received another call. It was Anjali calling.

He wanted to smash the mobile against the wall and his blood was surging with anger. He controlled his emotions and pressed the answer button.

"I am really sorry Rahul! It was all meant to be fun and I never wanted to hurt you." she said.

"The little pup loved you from all its heart. But it's dead and buried now! Goodbye." saying this he ended the call.

Anjali tried calling Rahul again but he didn't attend the call. He switched off his mobile as he took the elevator to ground floor. He checked out of office and boarded a taxi to the airport.